Building Your World


Six Saturdays: July 11 to August 15, 2020, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm EST


A generative and writing exchange workshop in fiction


In fiction, we need to build our worlds. We do this through memory and observation, and then via the interrogation of those memories and observations. What was passed down to you? What do you choose to remember? What do you ignore? When do you recall a specific memory? What are you observing in your current reality? What moral stance have you taken based on what you are observing? In this workshop, we will use these questions as aids in writing fiction. We will also turn to stories from a diversity of cultures for examples and inspiration.


Writing is a learnable skill. We improve by breaking reading and writing tasks into manageable pieces: we discuss topics you want to examine and work together through research, drafting and revision. We share works in progress to find out what our stories are seeking to do, and we offer one another feedback and support.


2019 Maison Baldwin Fellow Kiprop Kimutai s a Kenyan-based writer whose fiction has appeared in Kwani? Trust, Jalada, PBQ, No Tokens, Prufrock, Kachifo, New internationalist and Acre Books. He was a panelist for the Franschhoek Literary Festival and a speaker for the Future Nations Schools Book Fair. He has also participated in the Caine Prize, Farafina and Kwani Trust?/Granta workshops. Kiprop has been shortlisted for the Miles Morland Scholarship and the Gerald Kraak Award. As an editor, he solicited and curated poetic verse from queer Africans for the anthology Walking the Tightrope: Poetry and Prose by LGBTQ Writers from Africa (Lethe Press, 2016). He benefited from the Kweli Scholar Program fellowship and is currently working on a novel manuscript.

Building Your World with Kiprop Kimutai


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