Put the Play in "Play" with Jelisa Jay Robinson


Six Saturdays: July 11 to August 15, 2020, 2:00 to 3:30 pm EST


A generative and writing exchange workshop in playwriting


Writing a play is first about PLAY.  Before anyone else sees your work, YOU have to SEE it and ENJOY it. This workshop is not about writing the perfect play.  It's not about mastering structure. It's not about creating the perfect character arc. It's about mastering your fear and getting out of your own way so that your character can speak. It's about taking creative risks! Through a series of freewriting sessions, games, prompts, discussions and sharing sessions, we will start the process of breaking down the barriers so that you can put the PLAY back into your playwriting process (or more JOY if you already have it!). 



Maison Baldwin 2020 Residency Fellow Jelisa Jay Robinson is a playwright from Houston, Texas and a Bay Area Playwrights Festival Semi-Finalist. Her plays include The Stories of Us, Fae and Paciencia and Delivery. Her work has been developed and/or presented at The Billie Holiday Theatre, Fade to Black, Teatrx , 14/48 Theatre Festival, Austin One Minute Play Festival, the Austin Latino New Play Festival, Teatro Vivo, Now Africa Festival, Black and Brown Theatre, Rec Room, the Echame Un Ojo Festival, Fornes Playwriting Workshop, The Black and Latino Playwrights Celebration, The Landing Theatre and Vision Latino.


Jelisa has five years of teaching experience as a theatre teacher for both elementary and high school. During her time as a high school teacher, Jelisa taught her students to dig deep into their innate creativity and cherish who they were. As an elementary teacher, Jelisa focuses on her students empowering themselves and recognizing their inner strength through theatre. In addition to teaching children, she has given writing workshops at colleges, community organizations and for individuals of all ages. She specializes in the use of freewriting as a means to get the words on the page, self-empowerment and storytelling. Jelisa is overjoyed to work with you on your PLAYwriting journey.

PLAYing with Jelisa Jay Robinson


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