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Deja Morgan is an interdisciplinary artist, activist, and a recent graduate from St. Edward's University. She has made advocacy a key role in the work she does, firmly believing that her art and activism exist in tandem with one another rather than separately. The exploration of Blackness is the heartbeat of her professional and artistic endeavors. Although Morgan’s training is rooted in acting she is no stranger to working behind the scenes and bringing her own works to life. She most recently made her assistant directorial debut in black girl love and has written two original solo pieces centering the intersections of her Blackness and womanhood. Currently, Deja is pursuing a career in acting and artistic direction in Philadelphia. James Baldwin is a voice that could never be forgotten, not only for the power and truth in his writings, but with the conviction of how he delivered his messages. Baldwin has always been captivating in how he unapologetically took up space as a queer Black man in a world that tried to diminish his very existence.


As a queer Black woman I’m passionate about creating art that is intentional in affirming Black folx and representative of the diverse spectrum of our experience. Reading the work of my ancestors like James Baldwin and Toni Morrison has given me so much profound insight on what it truly means to exist freely as a Black person in this world. Going to this conference would aid me in continuing that journey and creating work that will hopefully compel other Black folx to also search deeper for what freedom looks for them. 

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