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Frangy Pozo’s very existence is political, as an activist scholar whose life work focuses on making education accessible for everyone. James Baldwin speaks to all parts of her identities as an Afro-Dominican Black Queer Woman who has excelled throughout academia by infusing her activism with her academic pursuits and vice versa. Her activism with undocumented youth and Black liberation movements in the US has informed her academic theses which examine theories around the oppression of marginalized communities. She graduated with her bachelors in Cultural Anthropology from Rutgers University and earned her masters in American Studies from Lehigh University. In undergrad, she did research on activist undocumented youth fighting for access to higher education while combating deportability. Her master’s research focused on racism in elite predominantly white universities and its negative effects on Black undergraduates’ academic and social experiences.


She was an instructor at St. John's University in the sociology and anthropology department where she taught Introduction to Criminology and Race/Ethnicity classes. For her PhD, she aspires to use Critical Race Theory and Black Feminist Thought to question how does the intersections of Race and Capitalism affect students of color in universities. Her current activism encompasses teaching and coaching organizers around the US on theories of power at the Momentum Training Institute. James Baldwin informs her work as a politically engaged public activist scholar whose work aims to change rather than just document reality.

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