Dr. Sonia Mae Brown was born in the United Kingdom and was raised in Brooklyn, New York.  She holds a Masters in English with a focus in Creative and Professional Writing from Long Island University and a PhD in English Literature with a focus in African American Literature from Howard University.  She has worked as an adjunct lecturer in the English departments of Long Island University, Staten Island University, Trinity Washington University, and Howard University. Before Langston University, Dr. Brown was a full time lecturer at Howard University. 

Dr. Brown’s research areas are eroticism, sexuality, gender, queer theory, and afro-futurism. Her interests include black women’s subjectivity, black female sexuality, sex as a discursive act, language, power, and popular culture. As a self-proclaimed “eroticist” or sexual anthropologist, Dr. Brown is dedicated to enriching the current scholarship on “The Erotic” and exploring the potential for eroticism to be seen as a critical lens of textual inquiry. Her doctoral dissertation titled “In Search of Our Quare (Queer) Gardens: The Erotic Motive in James Baldwin’s Literature” reviews the various, disparate identities at the heart of Baldwin’s Literature. She is currently working on an essay titled “The Sadomasochistic Impulse in James Baldwin’s Literature.”

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