If Saint Paul Could Talk

December 21, 2017

Dear admirers of James Baldwin,


We first came to Saint Paul de Vence in mid-2016 to attempt the monumental task of snatching James Baldwin's house from the clutches of a luxury real estate developer. We kept coming back, month after month, season after season, navigating obstacles and fighting barriers, and slowly our project  expanded well beyond the initial passionate impulse that brought us here. 



Here are the three major efforts Les Amis de la Maison Baldwin is planning for 2018, and how you can help:


1. Fulfilling James Baldwin's dream.


We have decided not to wait until the villa is rescued and renovated to begin realizing Baldwin's wish for a writer's residency in St. Paul, and are thus overjoyed to announce the inauguration of the Saint Paul de Vence James Baldwin Writer in Residence Program. In April 2018 we will host our first resident writer, who will be offered our house in the village for a full month of uninterrupted work. An independent jury will select the invited writer from what is already shaping up to be an impressive pool of candidates. Your donation will help us to lodge our visiting writer, as well as to advance our longer-term agenda toward opening as many other houses as possible in St. Paul to artists and writers working in the spirit of James Baldwin.



2. Celebrating James Baldwin as a global citizen


Last month we partnered with the city of Saint Paul de Vence on a 30-year retrospective looking back on James Baldwin's 17 years here. Next June, in collaboration with the upcoming Biennale de Saint Paul de Vence, we will host the First Annual St. Paul de Vence James Baldwin International Art and Music Festival. On the agenda will be three full days of theater, literary readings, dance, music and visual art.  Your donation will help us cover the organizing costs for this festival, which will attract today's most exciting creators of Baldwin-inspired work and connect them to an eager inter